Saturday, 7 April 2007


I've got a bit sidetracked. There I was, knitting away, when suddenly I found that completely without realising it I'd been out and acquired two huge bags of wool at a charity shop, for the princely sum of eight bucks (that's about 25 English pence at current exchange, give or take a farthing). All of it pure 100% wool, all of it 100% plain cream. This is a milestone moment in my knitterly life, as I have officially metamorphosed into someone who just buys an enormous bunch of wool because it's insanely cheap and there's tons of it, rather than someone who buys wool specifically to make something with. It is a slippery slope, and I feel the pull of gravity.
So then I took out the slow cooker, some water and vinegar and dye (oh all right then, food colouring), and lo the dyeing process began. You can't see the colour variegations very well here, but they are multi-variegated in a very pleasing way. They are also about 100 times more neon than this gently-hued pic suggests, so I haven't quite got as far as deciding what I might be able to knit without sending people running in horror. Small is the key, I think. I might go for slippers and have a try at felting (ie making them into felt, sort of), but even the very best of knitters have been known to cause 400 or so bucks worth of damage to their washing machines in doing so, so I will have to think very carefully indeed before embarking on that venture.
So that's where I've been. Oh, and, you know, at work and stuff. But I'm increasingly finding that employment really cuts in on the knitting time.

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