Monday, 9 March 2009

go back to sleep, love, it's just a lunatic ninja

A friend pointed me at this report today:

Man Wrestles Kangaroo in Canberra Home

If you can't be bothered with the link, here's the pertinent information:

Moments later, a kangaroo burst through a three metre high window of the house's master bedroom and onto the bed where [bloke and his family] lay.
"My initial thought when I was half awake was: it's a lunatic ninja coming through the window," [bloke] told The Associated Press.

There was some kind of a scuffle; the kangaroo tore about bleeding everywhere and scaring the living crap out of everyone, including itself, and the man somehow managed to shepherd it outside without getting himself irreparably damaged in the process. Everyone safe, including the kangaroo; dad is most assuredly a bit of a hero.

Yet all I could think was: for whom, in this situation, is their first thought: “Jeez, must be a lunatic ninja breaking in my house”?

Really? That’s what you first thought?

Because I understand the likelihood of a kangaroo careening in through a plate glass window and pitching a fit all over your house is fairly slim. But surely the chances of it being that, over, say, a lunatic ninja, are at least slightly higher?

On further reflection, in fact, I can imagine precisely no situation in life where I might jump to the conclusion that it was caused by a lunatic ninja. Not a one.



Allison Fairbairn said...

I blame it on the action movies, and the man's inflated self-importance - does he really feel he's important enough to draw the attention of a lunatic ninja?? SUrely they are busy being evil where action heroes can find them.

I spent most of my childhood believing a plane was going to crash into my bedroom know, keep an open mind.

As for the story itself - you just know there is the equivalent involving a moose somewhere in Canada.

Amber said...

Incidentally, I think the Lunatic Ninjas opened for Neverending Shirtless Barbecue Party at Port Fairy last week. I hear their mandolin player is hot.

Anonymous said...

Some of my students are Ninja Lunatics...


Anonymous said...

well.....the other night i did wake up screaming, "ROSE!!!!"
So, maybe I can kinda of relate?

Anonymous said...

If I could write properly, I would have said:

Well, the other night I woke up screaming, "ROSE!!!"
So, maybe I can kind of relate.

Amber said...

That would be the lesser-knnown "Rose, the bush kangaroo," presumably.