Saturday, 5 January 2008

rebel grrrrl shoves the establishment

These? For my sis. Guess what she does for a living.

Pattern can be found at this magical knit-hub. For the rebel who's not quite ready for full knuckle tattooing.

Yarn is felted 100% lambswool. I allowed my love for it to overwhelm what was actually better for the pattern. Now I have started a second pair in a different yarn and boy, does it ever make a difference. The new pair is stretchy and you can actually get them on and off your hands, and the fingers are not so thick that you have to walk round with your hands starfished. I will promptly do product-recall on the editor pair and make another pair that she can actually wear. I hate that I proceeded with the lambswool ones when they clearly weren't going to work. But yarn-lust can do strange things. Hey! "Yarn" "Lust". Four letters each. Excuse me while I add another pair of gloves to the list...Anyone have any eight-letter requests for the Year of the Hand?

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