Tuesday, 12 February 2008


Oh yeah. For these babies? Totally.

The thing is, they're not even really "me". They are (I hope) quite "the person for whom I made them". I think they are. Even so I still feel a bit drunk with yarnlust for this beautiful wool.
I was all worried that the turquoisey bit, which was the whole point of buying it, because their new owner is very very turquoisey, would end up unused. But there it is, smack in the middle of the hand, as if I had managed to plan it that way all along. The best part? The turquoise turned to that dark greeny colour quite quickly, and I wasn't so keen on the dark greeny bit. So I broke off the yarn and reattached it further up to get a bit more turquoise right at the fingers. And then I discovered that, if I used the bit I broke off, it was exactly the right amount to make the thumb so it completely matched the gradation to the greeny bit on the rest of the glove.
Seriously, the whole thing just acted as if I had thought it all through, which I hadn't, because, you know, I generally don't. I could lose it for a yarn like this. It anticipates my flaws and gently corrects them so I look smarter than I am. It comes in a bunch of slightly variant colours - there is one that contains both the deep amber of a September cornfield and the purple blush of a handsome Saskatonian's windburned cheek - and I am having to be very careful not to go down to the yarn shop and simply roll in it.

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