Saturday, 5 April 2008

prairie folk

In transit from There to Here I've picked up a real stonker of a cold. I can't even remember the last time I was sick, so it looks as if I'm due a really good one. It feels as if a whole bag of wet cats has taken up residence in my head and chest. My ears keep popping and I get motion sickness just walking to the kitchen.

It's lucky, then, that I'm surrounded by such tranquility. The Canadian branch of the fam moved last year to The Lake, and that's where I find myself sipping tea and editing as the sun rises this morning. It's the exact right place to relocate yourself into the Canadian landscape after the UK and New Zealand because there's Absolutely. Nothing. Here. At this particular lake, the year-round population is no more than seventy people. We met the neighbours yesterday. These people had never even had neighbours before now, and they've lived here thirty years. They were the first to build here in 1976, and the wife lived here that winter - wait for it - on her own, while her husband was in hospital in Calgary.

No, I can't imagine it either. I can't imagine it now, never mind thirty years ago. Prairie folk. Them's a different breed, all right.

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