Saturday, 3 May 2008

a trilogy of things

1. I felt such joy when writing an article this week on the Te Papa Colossal Squid Event. Even the name of it pleases me. You can't help but be excited by the sheer scientific happiness radiating from this monumental squidly event. In the squid world, this rare and extraordinary thing is the e-squid-valent of the moon landing. Everyone is just so darn thrilled by it. Go see! And you will be too. Squid! Not just giant, but colossal! It's a great big squid!!

2. I'm about to read Dubliners. Again. Despite my deeply-held conviction that nobody should ever have to read anything by James Joyce more than once, or even preferably at all. But a) I will shortly mark exams on it, and b) I'm conscientious and c) it's really not fair on the candidates to just hate the book they studied all year and to feel all huffy and crunchy when marking their exams. So the huff and the crunch are being bundled away in the back of a closet and I am being open-minded.

3. Yesterday, when I got out of the shower, there was an ant on the bathmat. When I went in the bathroom later, there were two ants on the bathmat. Today, there was an ant on the bathmat again. There are no ants on the floor. Or anywhere else in the entire apartment. Did Ikea do us a special ant-hatching bathmat deal?

4. I just started Extras, the fourth in Scott Westerfeld's Uglies trilogy (it's better than the others). And in August, Breaking Dawn, the fourth in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight trilogy, comes out. Four-logies. They're the new trilogies.

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