Sunday, 14 September 2008

what is it then?

I wore my New Zealand Book Month shirt to work on Friday. Because even when you're not in New Zealand, well, it's still New Zealand Book Month, so you have to show willing, and display your logo with adopted-kiwi pride.
Here is every single conversation I had on Friday:
COLLEAGUE: *looks suspicious at the sort of allegiance I am electing to display in a work environment*
ME: It's not weed.
COLLEAGUE: What is it then?
ME: It's a book.
ME: It's a book.
COLLEAGUE: Is it a book about weed?
ME: *facepalm*

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Was this colleague standing very far away and squinting when she looked at your shirt?

On clothing design, I just love sighting peeps wearing clothes brandishing innappropriate slogans - a common occurrence here in Asia as the wearers often have no idea what the words mean... like the little old lady with "Hot and Spicy" emblazened across her chest (I have seen funnier ones but thought you may not want them posted here)

Then there is simply the use of the wrong lexis... as the Olympics got underway in China, one patriotic compay decided to produce a range of t-shirts bearing the words, "Cheer up China"

Gotta love it!