Tuesday, 9 January 2007

we shall overcome

It's been a busy weekend.

The sock and I talked, and we resolved our differences - for now. Although you can't see it very well, I have now "knitted one bit for a lot longer than the other two bits", and am ready to begin bending the heel so it doesn't just go on in one long bit forever. However, I was unable to concentrate on the instructions for that whilst also watching a film (the sock and I may have reached another impasse, but we're putting off dealing with it for now) , so I started something easier.

The green thing at the back is most of a little cardy type thing for my nephew. The wool was given to me by a very kind friend. Although I wanted to use the wool to make this cardy, it is actually too fat wool for the pattern. Also, I needed 4 mm needles, and I only had 4 1/2 mm. Ah well - knit the smallest measurements, it will end up a smidge bigger, he can wear it later. (I KNOW, all right? Do I ever follow the actual instructions for anything?) I suppose at the age of thirty he may no longer want a cute minty-green cardy that he's finally grown into, but what the hell.

I read three books: the Hollow Kingdom trilogy. A trilogy for teenagers - no, not a weird penchant, it's actually my job to read such things - and it was a very good trilogy, too. I don't much like fantasy, elves and goblins and whatnot, but this doesn't take itself too seriously and has some really subtle, compelling, and suprisingly, very funny, things to say.

The weird rubbishy looking thing on the right is marginally better represented in the second photo. These are fibre leaves for the aforementioed mini exhibition. The exhibition people are more about 3d and I am more about 2d, but I am 3d-ing away by making these leaves from dyed raw silk fibres and lovely scraps of stuff, sandwiched together with wires and suchlike. Some will be made into pins and others something a bit bigger, and there are now many more of them than this sample.

There was other stuff too this weekend, like swimming and going to the post office and the bank and playing cards and buying milk and getting cold and warming up and making bread. It's really no wonder I start the week pooped.

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