Wednesday, 10 January 2007

storm in a jolly big teacup

This is sort of what Saskatoon looks like at the moment. Although "looks like" is a bit of a strong term, as visibility is officially nil, and should you lift your head in an attempt to "look" at anything you get a face full of blown snow. Blizzard conditions are set to last into the night, with the temperature dropping to minus 41 overnight (currently minus 31). All the highways are closed; no planes out or in; we are officially sealed off from the outside world like the plague village of Eyam that we all learnt about in primary school. (Though currently there is no plague evident in Saskatoon. In temperatures like this, even viruses give up the ghost). You could definitely get lost on the way from the barn to the house in this one. And by the way, although it looks like twilight in these photos, it's actually mid-day and the broadest of broad daylight we're going to get. Now does a drop of rain seem so bad?

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