Friday, 14 September 2007


So. I just finished reading a book I hated. I went to the post office to post a birthday present and forgot the address. I cooked a dinner in which the dip didn't set (it went like soup) and the roast potatoes didn't roast (instead they soaked up the oil and went like moist oily rags) and made the kitchen into a bombsite in the process. Which I haven't yet cleared up. Despite numerous "sorting out" phone calls to the phone company, we still received bills for two completely separate accounts for services we aren't using. I knelt in front of the fire for an hour cajoling it to stay lit and provide warmth. Now, the computer is playing up and refuses to recognise the existence of the camera on which I have the slipper pics. Which means that I cannot show you the only thing going right today, (and that by only a small margin, let's be frank) ie the knitting.

Oh, and yesterday, I cleaned the shower, which wasn't draining properly. If you can think of any more disgusting activity than de-gunking a plughole in rental accommodation when you know the gunk pre-dates you, kindly fax me an answer as to what it is.

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