Friday, 14 September 2007

the results are in

The computer is behaving itself this morning, so here is the final verdict.

From back to front:

1. Dark pink slippers

Result: excellent. This is the pair done in Canada. Felting good and tough and even; slippers stand up like boots. Minor difference in size.

2. Lilac fairy slippers (camouflaged on the step)
Because even dainty little fairies need big honking slippers to keep their feet warm in Canada.

Result: not bad. A little felting, though still slightly floppy. Small different in size mostly corrected by violent stretching; will have to check when finally properly dry. Look far too big for a four year old.
3. Mermaid slippers
If a mermaid had feet, that is.

Result: perfect match in size, finally; slightly better felting than the fairy ones; dye colour has stayed more vibrant. Very happy.

4. Stripey slippers

Result: a complete write-off. Should have unravelled them the moment the monumental difference in sizes became all too apparent, but didn't. Vigorous hand-felting and multiple machine washes made little difference apart from to leach the bright orange dye and make them look a funny fleshy pink colour. Will need to chuck out and start fresh this weekend.

5. Giganta-motley slippers

Result: semi-felted; they would probably go a bit more but I don't want to wreck the dye again. The ankles felted better than the feet, resulting in a sort of bag effect. Not bad, but compared with the excellence of the felting on the first pair, floppy.

And here ends the saga of the slippers. The year of the foot continues.

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