Friday, 2 November 2007

I will not be defeated

I was so in love with these socks. We had good times; they knitted up quickly and easily, the cables were cosy, the yarn fuzzy. The first pair was a joy to make and to behold.
Then I started the second pair.
On the left hand side of the picture, see three twisty cable things. On the right hand side, directly opposite that, see...oh. TWO twisty cable things.
I cannot begin to describe how far up the sock this mistake is, because it's practically right at the beginning, and I didn't see it until I was doing the toe (that is to say, finishing it). No, nobody will notice it unless I point it out, but still. Just one of those things that will annoy me till the end of time.
This is not the only thing wrong with the sock, as I misread the foot doesn't matter per se, as the recipient has not seen the pattern and what it should look like, and it is still fine. But I KNOW that it's wrong. And on top of that, now I have to do it wrong on the second sock to make them the same.
Speaking of the second sock, I started it, and something has happened to me in between the completion of the first and the casting on of the second. Because to my eyes, the second one looks (to borrow a phrase from a famous knitter) "like ass". The tension seems all loose, even though I am hauling on the stitches as if my life depended upon it. I was tired when I was counting the pattern last night and this resulted in having to rip it back almost to the beginning - twice.
I don't like to fight with my socks. I like them to grow pleasantly and with a sense of achievement and excitement about giving them to their intended new owner. I like to think about them during my working day and imagine adding a little bit more to their cosy loveliness in the evening. But this pair? These are the recalcitrant adolescents of socks. They will fight me till the bitter end, and all I will feel when I mail them next week is relief that I don't have to see them again.

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