Thursday, 26 June 2008

in the abstract

Buying iced tea at Tim Horton’s today, I was reminded of my trip to the Rotorua Starbucks last summer, being offered the choice of either “zen” or “passion” iced tea, and on asking the difference, being seriously informed that one “comes with Passion” and the other “comes with Zen”.

And it suddenly struck me that the evil empire of coffee has completely missed a trick here, offering only two different Abstract Noun Iced Teas. Where the Disappointment iced tea, or the tea of Wistful Regret? Where the iced tea that "comes with" an Unfocused Yet Persistent Sense of Irritability? Where, indeed, the Vengeance iced tea with a side of whipped non-fat Malice?

Awaiting your ideas for the new abstract noun menu, please.


Anonymous said...

I'll have a double tall indecisive tea with a shot of internal conflict, please.


Amber said...

...but is that for here or to go?

(see what I did there?) *laughing like a loon*