Sunday, 6 July 2008

Nadal, six; Knitting, love

Knitting a pattern on which you have to concentrate – including regularly counting up to four – while watching the men’s Wimbledon final is, for the record, inadvisable. Especially when the final, including rain breaks, lasts for six hours. That’s a whacking opportunity for a whole lot of pattern misreading.

So, what to do? Bearing in mind I designed the pattern, do I:

a) Still pitch a fit and rip it all back, knowing it will kill me to leave it wrong?

b) Remain completely calm, and remember the intended recipient of the knitting in question will be merely weeks old when he or she receives it, and probably won’t be all that bothered either way. And his or her parents will be too knackered to notice. So I can simply recalculate the pattern to fit my glaring errors?

c) Realise my tenuous commitment to mathematical accuracy makes it unlikely that writing the pattern a second time around, while at the same time pitching a fit, is going to result in any degree of correctitude in the new version, so it’ll just make everything worse in the long run?

d) Pitch a fit and leave it?

I’m going with d, for the moment.

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Anonymous said...

Other inadvisable things:
Trying to wash your entire clothing supply on return from vacation in between sets;
Yelling at puppy that he may NOT go out at double championship point in the fourth set (might as well have taken him and avoided having to clean up pee on floor during critical 5th set);
Vaguely entertaining a three year old for 7 hours ("Mummy, can I have three bags of cookies and go outside without my undies?" "Mmm? OK, off you go);
Be drinking during a break back point for Nadal and trying to yell 'COME ONNNNNNNNNN' at the same time.

Other worrying effects: after 7 hours you start thinking 'capris look kind of good on guys'

Btw - Sue Barker is still a totally inappropriate berk and should not be allowed on court