Wednesday, 20 August 2008

fair go, though

There may never be a time when there is too much Tim Winton in the world, and we can keep track of the latest here with the handy Tim Winton Watch fe-yature. In general, we do seem to be all a bit surprised that Breath didn’t get on the Booker list; I suspect it’s because it fails in the 'ah, but could you use it as a doorstop, or stand on it to reach very high things?' category.

Anyway the reviewer in the NZ Herald appeared to concur on overall brilliance etc etc, but she still couldn't resist a stab at the ‘heavy-handed Australianisms’.

All those bloody Aussies going about talking like Australians all the time and doing Australian things. In Australia. Flat out like lizards drinking. With pocketfuls of Anzac biscuits smeared in Vegemite. Heavy-handedly. Tch indeed.

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