Friday, 17 October 2008

nobody likes a tall poppy

According to a new initiative, Sydney’s no longer just the place to go for big to-dos such as the Olympics. The new events/tourism calendar will apparently tout the city as the place to be and to do things, absolutely all the time. Don’t miss a second. Get there. Be there. Stay there. It’s not just for one-offs, but for long-term, extended event-enjoyment. All Sydney, all the time.

In fact: "Sydney will own January," said the chairman of Events NSW.

Forgive me.

Sydney will own January?

Who is this guy??

Doesn't this sound like the sort of thing you hear from a huge League forward trying to monster the other side under? Is Adelaide going to have to request written permission from Sydney for January to exist there as well? Are Melbourne and Perth going to be kicking each other’s shins over who gets to own the dregs of October and March? Will Tasmania end up patching together the bits left over, so it at least gets to say it owns Augtember?

Perhaps Sydney has plans for long-range gains over the other months as well, at which point it will begin loaning them out to other cities on a time-share basis.

Sydney will own January. I ask you.

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