Sunday, 25 January 2009

not right

Golden Guitars, go stand in the corner and think about your behaviour. I frown upon you.

The shouldawon that didntwin (anything, unbelieeevably)? The hamster-cute very talented Peter Denahy, because aside from everything else, what encapsulates between guitar and piece-a-cake the eternal universal cycle like That Song? (oh, all right, yes, and banjo, but you might just have to get over it). If you haven’t heard it, quick, catch up with everyone else…

Sort of Dunno Nothin'

…because you were either that kid, or you dated that kid. My nephew will grow up to be that kid, and my mate’s daughters will grow up to date that kid… and the world turns.

(Incidentally, when will Peter Denahy start to age? Is he another one who’s got one of those hidden portraits knocking around?)


Allison Fairbairn said...

Honestly, I rarely know what in god's green pajamas you're talking about over here, but it's always entertaining.

Amber said...

Pants, if you can't keep up with a post that shoddily misinterprets a 19th-century novel to make a point about an Australian country musician, then I am truly at a loss as to what to say to you.