Monday, 5 January 2009


Things Aunty Amber discovered this holiday

She discovered what she is best at:
Pushing swings for the longest time
Playing footy in the street for the longest time
Towing a toboggan uphill the most times

She discovered what she is not best at:
Anything that looks like actual mothering

She discovered the socks she knitted for her wee nephew have magical properties. They enable him to win at basketball AND football AND running AND table tennis AND fighting dinosaurs AND EVEN Ludo. More magical socks have been requested.

Finally, she discovered a kids’ TV show called Word Girl. Word Girl is a superhero whose superpower is - are you ready? - a really extensive vocabulary. The bad guy in Word Girl, clearly conceived of in the time-honoured drugged-out tradition of most children’s tv, is a butcher who shoots weapons-grade meat products out of his hands. He also makes grammatical mistakes, which Word Girl is always on hand to correct. Aunty Amber is finding herself a superhero costume as we speak.

What did you folks discover at the turn of a new year?


Karen said...

In this new year so far I have discovered what minus 41.1 degrees celsius feels like.....pretty much the same as minus 41.1 farenheit. Also discovered I don't like minus 41.1 anything. Can I have a do-over?

Amber said...

I laugh bitterly at how I felt I missed a proper snowy Canadian winter last year. Everyone in NZ is at the beach. Let us mutter darkly into our scarves together.