Thursday, 21 May 2009

je me souviens

O, friends,

I have truly seen the best Sydney has to offer. The quality of awful souvenirage is high. The term 'Authentic' is employed both widely and inaccurately. The best of the best? You decide:

1. Kookaburras-in-a-can
2. 'Convict soap' (no, I don't know either)
3. Ned Kelly action figures
4. Authentic dot art oven mitts
5. Anything with the word "g'day" followed by the word "mate" embroidered on it

(Writers' Festival by the numbers, for those who are interested? Number of times I have moved my own weight in books in the last four days: fifty-nine million. Also, Morris Gleitzman? happily bears out the rule about the loveliness of bald men.)


Anonymous said...

There could be a niche in the souvenir market for you... those gloves you fashioned: ...well, same number of fingers for your "G'day mate"!


Jordan B said...

Convict Soap?? Does the package have a warning about not dropping it in the shower?

Amber said...

Jordan Bee, grow up. I am so telling your mother.