Monday, 18 May 2009

Sydney by the numbers

I know. I KNOW, all right? I quite understand how my chronic, economy-sized disorganisation in the face of this trip led some of you to question whether I would get here in one piece. I do see that, despite successfully getting myself across the globe lock, stock and barrel as many times as I have, this time, my making it here seems worthy of nothing less than a set of commemorative stamps.

Worry not. I can currently be found entirely in the place they call Australia, for that is its name.

So. Sunday morning walk in the suburb of Cream Horn: discoveries.

Large trees successfully identified as Moreton Bay figs: 4

Large trees incorrectly identified as Moreton Bay figs: 40

Scary blue-black dinosaurish birds that sound like a strangled lamb with a cold: 8

Astonishingly bright, fast-moving, noisy green and red birds: 8 zillion

Successful photos of astonishingly bright, fast-moving, noisy green and red birds: zero

Spider webs walked into: 1

Spider web-induced nervous breakdowns suffered: 1

Deadly Australian spiders encountered (imaginary): 50

Deadly Australian spiders encountered (actual): zero (yet)

Steep hills descended: 3

Steep hills climbed: 6

Unexpected sudden panoramas of Sydney: 5

Unexpected sudden views of Harbour Bridge:1

Nearby pedestrians surprised by shout of "holy mother of f***, that's the Harbour Bridge": 1

Apologies issued: 1

Spontaneous little jigs of joy danced: 3

Mysteries unsolved: 1

Wax-tipped bananas.
Anyone want to hazard a guess?


Lynette said...

OOOhhhhh YAY!
Your dream comes true!

Unknown said...

Fantastic news! Will begin designs for commemorative stamps post haste. Am thinking blurry image of red and green birdish things on one, rows of wax-tipped safety bananas on another. And you mean to say they just leave the Harbour Bridge lying about like that where anyone could stumble upon it unawares? Crazy. Do keep us informed!

Anonymous said...

Waxed-tipped? Are you sure someone didn't finish rolling it up the banana? I had a flashback to a "Degressi" or "Sex with Sue" episode.
Looking forward to the updates.

Anonymous said...

Great news, all sounds fun and adventurous. As for the bananas... they'll be your lesser-spotted eco-bananas:

Anonymous said...

that was me with the banana link by the way
G x

Amber said...

Eco-bananas, eh? Who knew. I think I prefer Leslie's safety bananas, and predict the hot wax prophylactic is set to be the next big thing. Who can we get to try it out first?

Anonymous said...

I have to admit, my first guess on the bananas was that it was some new discovery on how to prevent them from going bad so quickly...