Friday, 26 June 2009

but how much is that in weight?

I can't put my finger on which bothers me more; is it:

a) that the best quality of this is how much it weighs?


b) that the best description they can come up with is "food"? ("So, what's in it?" "Oh, y'know. Food.")

The P'zone. Presumably by introducing an apostrophe, they saved money on letters, and passed on the savings to us, the valued customer, to give us A POUND OF FOOD for ten bucks. And you can't say fairer than that.

Over to you. Fire at will in the comments; which is worse?





Holly said...

The combination of the two makes it sound like they're just scraping food out of a pile of leftovers onto the scale...

Amber said...

"Yup...just tilt the bin up a little more...aaaaand...stop! That's a pound o'food. Next!"

Anonymous said...

It does sound rather like you get a doggy-bag for under $10... actually, it makes me feel a bit sick in a watching a pie eating contest or that movie "Supersize Me" kind of way

Anonymous said...

Last post was me - G - by the way