Friday, 12 June 2009

they keel you

I was advised by actual real Australians that I should venture by ferry to Rottnest island, home of the quokka. The idea of this animal was sold to me as a more wee, more cute version of a wallaby, and by all accounts Rottnest is crawling with these adorable bundles of marsupial charm.

I am here to tell you that empirical evidence trumps anecdotal:

Quokkas are terrifyingly gigantic beasts (check out the trees behind for comparison). They would rip your head off as soon as look at you. I did not seek them out.


zircon11 said...

In defence of Australia, I would like to point out that this quokka is atypical. Most do not wear stiletto heels as this one does. Kitten heels are the preferred footwear of the WA quokka, and Amber I suspect you of deterring more visitors so that you have the place to yourself upon your return. Admit it - just a teensy bit of possessive pride in WA and its offerings...?

Amber said...

Oh, WA and its offerings. Indeed. In_deed_.