Sunday, 10 January 2010

It’s a quiet fear, and some are better at not having it than others.

Here’s the thing. I reckon just about everyone can fall in love. And just about anyone can be in love. And many of us – most of us – to some degree, can love.

But there’s always that worry that leads us to fear – do we, can we, love enough?

That is, can we have, find, make, the kind of love that has you giving to another entity without thought of the consequence – because you know the consequence will be that you are made better – not just twice the person you are, but infinitely. Not the kind of love you have to keep feeding and find it draining you. The kind you keep feeding and only find it means you have more to feed and more to give; infinite, infinite.

Kids, I have found it:
O Fremantle of my heart. Never change.

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