Sunday, 17 January 2010

momentous event

Today, I got stung.


Being stung by a jellyfish was quite interesting.

Having survived a jellyfish sting is ever so very exciting indeed.

Well, I mean, they are really only tiny, not very harmful at all jellyfish here. I did not even see the jellyfish at all. I felt a shivery quiver across the top of my foot while I was swimming. Heavens, I thought. I wonder if that could have been a...

I was right on my way out of the water at the time in any case. By the time I had walked up the beach, there was a big red jellyfish sting on my foot!

When I went to get on my bike to go home, a lady who was getting her bike at the same time said, oh, I like those shoes (they were Birkenstocks). I wish I had worn mine that are the same as those. Instead, I wore these rubber ones.

I wanted to say, but look at my foot. You can see it, in these shoes. There is a big red jellyfish sting right there on my foot!

I said, oh, but those are very practical.

She said, I walked through a flood in them, in Bali. (It might not have been Bali, but I forgot where it was she said. And a lot of people who live here go to Bali on holidays, and there are probably floods there sometimes, so she might have said there).

There, I said. You couldn't do that in these. They would be ruined!

That's true, she said.
I cycled off, in my Birkenstocks, with my jellyfish sting.

So that is what it is like to have been stung by a tiny, not very harmful at all jellyfish. It felt quite like a big bee sting. Later, it felt a bit as if someone had stomped very hard on my foot. Later still, it feels like a very bad sunburn, and still quite like a big bee sting.

These are exciting times. Whatever will I get up to next?

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