Wednesday, 7 July 2010

a lesson in clarity

Well. That was a very interesting exercise and you all stepped up to the plate in a completely different way from how I was expecting. I thought I was going to be reading about your love for a bunch of places in Canada and the reasons they would be a smashing spot to hang my hat. Perhaps I could’ve been marginally clearer on that one, because I wasn’t actually trawling for you all to just tell me you want me around where you are. You are all either astonishingly nice, generous and kind-hearted people, or hoping to be lined up for some good Australian gift loot when I come back. Maybe a bit of both.

In other news, I spent the afternoon stacking beautiful red, brittle jarrah logs for firewood. Jarrah! I am officially living in a Tim Winton novel.

(ps I am not sure why the most recent comments haven’t displayed. Maybe there is a comment limit, and blogger simply can't believe this many people want to talk to me. However, the comments are still appearing in my email, so I am seeing them, and responding, although mine are also being eaten by the hungry hungry comment gods).


Anonymous said...

You see what happens when you take away the carrot (i.e hope of gifts from Down Under) - people don't post comments. Now THERE'S a lesson in clarity. Ho, ho, ho
G x

Amber said...

No, there has been no carrot removal.

Except you're not getting anything now, obviously.

Ho ho, and indeed, ho.

Anonymous said...

Well I never - at least I commented... where is everyone else on this post?

(Mumbles something about not wanting anything anyway...)