Thursday, 14 December 2006

The Bag is Back

Behold the finished-ness of the Bag.

The following features are of particular note:

1. The festiveness of the picture, in my clever incorporation of Father Christmas.

2. The colourful knitted-in-wool sides of the bag, one of which for some reason ended up slightly longer than the other. I still think I should've done the handle in this. The colourful wool is cleverly referenced in the little (just-visible) loop that goes over the button.

3. The (adequately visible) button, that comes from an old sofa.

4. The semi-visible logo on the handle. Knitting For Peace is a book that gives knitters something good to do, with addresses of nonprofit organisations that could Totally Use Your Stuff, like knitted shawls and teddy bears and socks and that. Trouble is, they are all in the USA so no use to the rest of us. So instead, while I was making this bag I also ran off a couple of 8in blanket squares. These you can donate to a local knitting shop, preferable on account of being Local and not Elsewhere, and their folks will put them together to make big blankets for them as needs 'em. I liked the logo; helps me remember there's worse things than the abject pain of knitting with tweed (though it's hard to believe). And also will indicate to the recipient of the Bag that it was a Bag made with Nice Thoughts, rather than actually being a Nice Bag, and then they can't complain about its wonkiness.

5. Santa. Did I mention? The picture's got Santa in it.

And while we're on the subject, Santa lives in Lapland. Everyone here seems to think he lives in the North Pole. What kind of rubbish is that?

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