Monday, 4 December 2006


Since you asked, I have finished the bag handle. No picture because I am too depressed by it. It is a bendy-edged rod of tweedy dismality. Haven't decided whether to try a new handle using the bright and cheerful yarn that I have used for the sides of the bag, or press on assuming it will look better when it's put together.
To cheer myself up, I used lots of different greeny-creamy wools to make a rather pretty scarf as a present for my aunty. She is an artist, and I hope this means that she will be pleased by the artistry of the colours and textures, and overlook the fact that the craftsmanship isn't up to much. I arranged the scarf artfully for this picture, but as it turns out it looks like someone sicked up a bunch of wool like some sort of giant hairball.
Speaking of sickness, I found whilst knitting the bag handle that I continuously felt car sick. This also happened a bit while knitting a Christmas Present That Shall Remain Nameless And Photoless (because it would ruin the surprise). I conclude that it is something to do with long-time focusing of my eyes on something that is moving quickly and continually, like the scenery when you're in a car or train.
Action: learn to knit without looking.

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