Friday, 29 December 2006

I know someone...

I know someone who knows someone. You know how that is? Well, the someone that my someone knows holds a very special accolade.
Every year, my someone tells me, there is nothing less than a Beanie Festival in the unlikely location of Alice Springs, Australia. And the someone that my someone knows attends the festival. And that someone, during that festival, smashed into a cocked hat the world record for the fastest crocheted beanie.

The previous world record stood at around 13 minutes. This someone has now set the bar at nine minutes and 48 seconds.

That's a fast beanie.

Anyway, I'm proud to say that the someone-who-knows-someone chain now works the other way. You see, the world record beanie crocheter now knows someone who knows someone (ie, me). And the someone that she knows (ie, me) has achieved an accolade. Though I did not need to attend a sock-knitting festival in the Bungle-Bungles to determine it, I am officially: the world's slowest sock-knitter.

Oh lord, this sock!! First, out of the sizing options (small, med, large, x-large) I chose large, figuring that I tend to knit a bit tight, and if they're still too big I can just wear them over another pair of socks. Well, I don't know what x-large looks like, but this is one monster big sock.
Second, I might be a bit quicker if I did not drop three stitches out of every four. Learnt the hard way: buy bamboo needles, not metal ones. Teeny tiny slippy slidey metal needles, that slip-slide right out of your piddly-tiddly stitches if you breathe on them.

It's a slow sock. Don't hold your breath.

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