Friday, 17 August 2007

taking the air, a photo-story

In the breaks between the rain this morning, I thought it was time for the knitting to get some fresh air. So we hit...the driveway. (Hey, baby steps, okay?)

Fig.1 the violent pink montrosities nestle in the dewy grass waiting to strike.

Fig 2. The latest sock hangs out with next-door's orange tree. All my socks are a variation on Glenda's sock pattern from The Wool Emporium; the "variation" basically being how long I can be bothered to knit the leg for. Oh, and the variation I did on dad's pair was a big weird pointy bit around the toe of one of them, that I couldn't fix and will annoy me forever and ever (and probably my dad too, since he is the one who has a pointy exta bit of sock to tuck into the toe of his shoe).

Fig 3. This is not me rising to the challenge of the pink acrylic. (What it does look a bit like, though, is the pink acrylic rising into the air; you can see it's propped on the weird-looking bush if you look carefully, but it is so extravagantly bright that it does sort of just look as if it's levitating, magic-carpet style). Anyway. No, even I can manage something a bit more complicated than this. What this is, is for a window display at the shop, which required a bit of knitting, and since this was there and it was free and it's pink, which the whole window will be, I knocked this up yesterday lunchtime ready to do the display on Monday.

Finally, this morning I was wasting time surfing the net, and came across this blog: Bagatell. And now I want to move to Norway.

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