Friday, 24 August 2007

win, lose and draw

1. Win
And let it be known that Amber's Sweater For Mum is a winner. Entered unbeknownst to its creator into nothing less than the Evington Village Show (entry cost, 25 of your English pence), it WON the Knitting Category. No information has been provided to the knitter on the actual number of other entries. A photo of the finished sweater being worn by its recipient will be forthcoming once the recipient is home from gallivanting about the country on holiday.

2. Lose
And be it also noted that on Thursday last, this blogger did cycle up the Hill of Death and make it partway to work before thinking she may have left the iron on at home, turning round, and going back to check. Needless to say the iron was not on, but the checking necessitated a second run at the aforementioned Hill. The blogger was later that morning forced to borrow a kind colleague's car to drive home again having realised she had left a window open, it being the sort of window one could simply and easily push up from the outside and remove a sofa through (the kind colleague remembered seeing a cartoon of a woman parachuting out of an aeroplane with the caption "Dot thought she might have left the iron on at home").

3. Draw
And let it finally be noted that the felting of the children's Christmas present slippers, both orange-and-blue stripy and pretty-purple, despite two runs in a hot washing machine, has only somewhat occurred, and also that the slippers appear to be the wrong size and shape anyway, and that with two pairs done and three pairs to go, their creator is wondering whether to just give the whole thing up as a bad job and think of something else, or whether to carry on with the three other pairs and the washing and the agitating, bearing in mind also that the hot water bill this month is the highest she has ever seen in any country in which she has lived, and that takes into account the exchange rate, i.e. it is more even in pounds than in England.

And be it understood that the blogger realises that the above "item 3. Draw" is, upon reflection, actually another "Lose".

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