Tuesday, 7 August 2007

the year of the foot

We had a genu-ine earthquake here last night, and the couch did a sort of jolt and juddered a bit, and then a few times for the rest of the evening it felt like a big gust of wind had hit the house with a whoomp. Oh, and lest you imagine I have finally stopped going on about the weather, it turns out that July was the wettest they've ever had here. Lucky us, hey?

But to get on to the real news, the knitting is back, as you knew in your hearts it would be.

It is astonshing that, even equipped with Chris's new kick-ass camera, I can manage to take photos that are such utter arse.
These little slippers, finished on the plane to the land of rain and chilliness (that is to say, here), are a beeyoutiful lavender colour, hand-dyed by me during my crockpot phase, and exactly the sort of colour a little girl could feel like a tiptoe fairy in. Instead they look mildly brown.

You will notice that you can see all the stitches, and this is because (as I mentioned before) I haven't dared to chuck them in a super-hot washing maching to make them not only lavendery and pretty but also cute and fuzzy. So they will in fact be quite a bit smaller and less floppy and more fluffly than this in the end, and hopefully I will manage to put something pretty on like beads or sequins or sparkles or other things that your average adorable Ontarian four-year-old would like at Christmastime. Then I might show you another picture, and hopefully I will have figured out by then how to unbrownify my photos.

I am also currently reading a very wonderful and magical book, and I might tell you about it sometime, but at the moment it is too precious and fragile.

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