Sunday, 30 March 2008

spirits...are you listening?

It may look as if we're having a seance to gain help from the other side in getting a triple-word score. Actually this is us doing our Earth Hour bit from eight till nine last night, turning off all the electrics. I believe one of the candles we scrambled from the back of the cupboard was beeswax, but the rest I can guarantee were purest paraffin wax, so I'm not quite convinced we did anything very worthwhile. Still. Scrabble by candlelight. You can't beat that.
You can't see it over my shoulder but I have the beginnings of two sleeves in hand (and despite the fact that I was knitting as well as Scrabble-ing and therefore concentrating at less than full power, I still won. Mum, to my left, has head in hands as she was scuppered by getting one-point letters for the whole game). I'm using a nice cotton yarn but it's as twisty as anything and it's driving me nuts. Every single ball has twizzled itself into a hopeless tangle as I use it and I end up huffing and puffing and getting cross. Since I now have both sleeves on the go at the same time, it's an excellent opportunity for the two yarns to twizzle not only on their own but also for the individual twizzles to twizzle together, which has really not added to my serenity.
Just as I was this time last year, I am desperately trying to finish a garment for my mum before we depart for Canada, because I really don't want to be carting it along with me and then mailing it back when it's done. That would truly be a carbon footprint too big for any cardigan.
Oh, and we lost the Boat Race. I don't need to talk about it. Thanks.

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