Sunday, 15 March 2009

seen this weekend:

1. Friday, a bloke in shorts. It was only minus three, so he had a fair point.

2. Yesterday, a shirtless bloke. I live near a uni campus, so warmer-weather induced shirtlessness happens round here approximately two weeks before the real world. A bit like the bellwether ridings in the federal election – you know everyone’s going to go the same way eventually, it just takes them a bit longer.

3. Today, people outdoors smiling at each other. The temperature was definitely, truly, plus.

4. Also, this, printed on a paper napkin:

I am mistrustful of the jaunty orange ‘a’ in ‘laugh’. I don’t get it. I think there must be some significance to the ‘a’ being orange and everything else not, but I don’t know what that significance is.

And I get that napkins come from places where you eat, so spoonfuls and forkfuls, okay. But is it only me - yeah, I know the answer to this already, it is only me - who finds the third imperative a bit aggressive? “Enjoy a mouthful (darlin’. Heh, heh)”.



Anonymous said...

Ok, I have to know... what was the name of the establishment where you saw the napkin?


Amber said...

It doesn't begin with 'a', if that's what you're thinking.

Anonymous said...

No, I was going to write to them and ask as this is like having a tickle in your ear that a cotton bud can't reach ;)

Holly said...

No, I find it aggressive too.

Amber said...

You rose from your sickbed to tell me _it's not just me_! That is true kindness.

Lynette said...

♥ this.