Thursday, 19 March 2009

how not to do it masterclass, by me

Something wrong with me.

Must be kept away from those I admire.

Exhibit A:
AMBER (thinks she said, to wickedawesome author): Love your book! So funny! Like sunshine! So clever! And funny! Loved it!
(actually said something like): Um. Your husband just kinda insulted my friend, I think.
WAA: Wow. Thanks. Also, get a sense of humour. Shall I sign this for you?

Exhibit B:
AMBER (thinks she said, to talentedsmiley musician): Love your music! Want to come hear it! Too lacking in common sense and overexcited to figure out your website! Please help me out!
(actually said something like): Dude, your website sucks.
TSM: Um, I feel so lucky you will be coming to my gig. How I wish you were in our neck of the woods more often.

Exhibit C:
AMBER (thinks she said, to world’sloveliest musician): Love your…everything! Your song in my head all day…until I died of happiness! Must hear more!
(actually said something like): God, all day, over and over. Write some more damn songs, will ya? Jeez. What’s the holdup?
WLM: (fortunately, maintains radio silence)

Somebody. Stop. Me.


Karen said...

Something like the time I met my favourite cartoonist Lynn Johnston...all I could say was "ummm, uuhhhhh, pardon?" Thank God my daughter can think on her feet!

Allison Fairbairn said...

My best conversations are always in my head too.

Maybe you should try cue cards?

Amber said...

Indeed. I am investing in bristol board and textas as we speak.