Saturday, 28 March 2009

Dear Harry Manx

Dear Harry Manx,

My sock and I are quite overwhelmed by your beautiful, musical hands. The sock hasn't got over its encounter yet, honestly.

We appreciate your indulgence.

Love, A.xx


Allison Fairbairn said...

What is the story here? Is that actually your sock? Did you actually meet him?

Amber said...

Yes, and yes.

What I like about this pic is that he's _holding the sock a bit like a knitter would_ rather than just randomly grasping it. Them's musician hands.

Anonymous said...

What a unique and fab pic... though I can only guess at the converstaion that took place:

A: Mr Manx, lovely to meet you, huge fan, would you mind posing for photo with my knitting?

HM: I'd be honoured. Makes a change from signing autographs and talking about the joy I have brought you with my music.

What's he like, anyhoo? Hope it wasn't one of those disillusioning moments!


Amber said...

G, your assessment is greatly amusing. And accurate.

I remain fully illusioned.