Monday, 23 November 2009

the weight of worry

Flipping out today; thanks for checking.

It’s the weight limits.

I don’t go over luggage weight limits for flights, because I don’t. 20 kg is a lot of stuff. I don’t want to be carrying around 20 kg of anything.

But - especially when it comes to big moves, like, oh, like the one just over yonder the other side of Yuletide - I always flip out about them.

20 kg is the limit. You can, if you wish, pay some cash to go over the limit. It doesn’t appear to be all that much cash. It wouldn’t matter much if I had to pay a bit extra.

And in fact, I know with almost deadly certainly when I show up at the airport, if my bag is over 20kg, it’ll be, like, 22 kg. And that will be fine.

But I am flipping out. Because I flip out about luggage weight limits. Always.

I think it is the uncertainty. If you get to the airport and are over the weight limit, and suddenly they’ve changed the rules and decided nobody is allowed any extra, or it is actually going to be a thousand dollars a kilo, there’d be nothing you could do except throw stuff out. And when you are carrying everything you need for a year, you’ve already made damn sure that all of it is pretty important. Including – perhaps especially – the large numbers of hardback picture books and chocolate for gifts. I do not want to have to choose between having shoes and having candy.

I have to get a handle on the flipping out, pronto, because it makes me do ridiculous things, such as convincing myself that being the bringer of maple syrup is more important than being the owner of any pants.

Wait. Maple syrup IS more important than pants. Right?


A. Hiscock said...

Maple syrup is totally more important than pants. You can always buy a pair of pants if absolutely necessary. Maple syrup is harder to find. Also possibly pricier at the rate things are going.

Amber said...

There is a word for people like you, and it begins with an 'en' and ends with 'abler'. Thank goodness you are here to guide me!

Anonymous said...

As a devotee (thanks to you) of maple syrup, I absolutely totally have to agree with that first comment. Have you TASTED the stuff that's touted as maple syrup in other countries? (Don't!) Def take the syrup over pants (not literally) route.

Anonymous said...

I do believe Qantas allow 23kg of checked baggage, which is somewhat marginally better than my experience with KLM who allow only 20kg checked baggage but TWELVE kg in hand luggage. AND this is strictly enforced - I had to lug 7kg of books around the airport - because it's oh so much of a better idea to have that extra weight above our heads in the cabin rather than stowed away under the plane!