Saturday, 13 March 2010

new clothes?

You know how sometimes, your neck and shoulders really ache? Or just one shoulder. You did something, or twisted it, or slept funny, or they just ache. That muscle that goes up from your shoulder to your neck.

And you sort of vaguely go, 'oooh, my neck aches,' and you give your shoulders a little shake.

And someone invariably says 'Ah, yes, look at that, you can just see that right there, in your shoulders. Oh my goodness. What a huge knot/ bundle/ abnormal musculature. Wow, that's really tight. What have you been doing?'

I have never been able to see that. I can't see the difference between a hurty,second-rate shoulder, and the shoulder of a super-balanced yoga pretzel person.

Can you? I am interested to know if this is a gigantic failing on my part, or some measure of fibbery on the part of those who claim to 'see it'. Or, to put it in another sense: here before you, is a royal entity, such as a king, rajah, or even, if you will, an emperor. And I am asking you, what, if anything, is he wearing?


Unknown said...

I can't tell a sore muscle from a regular one unless it's my own. Maybe I'm just missing something. I don't know what to say when people say "It's so dry in here" either. I mean, yes it is dry in the office, but only in the sense that is not raining and the wit is fairly subtle.

Amber said...

Oh! Agreed. Perhaps we lack atmospheric empathy. It's probably a condition. We could write a self-help book about it.