Tuesday, 15 February 2011


My brain is so…fogged today.

I was reading an email at work, and I flipped over to the internet to look something up so I could reply. I got on my opening page and immediately had no idea what I had wanted to look up. Not the first. I couldn’t even remember who the email was from. I had to go back and read it all again and work out what the thread of my thoughts had been.

I got an email from my sister, and it reminded me I had wanted to tell her about a blog post I read a while ago. I went to the blog in question and suddenly couldn’t think at all what it was in the blog I had wanted her to read or why. I went back through some of the posts but none of them rang that bell that said, that was it.

I went onto the library website to see if they had any of my books yet. Two out of four requests, they have in. I decided to look up another book I’ve been wanting to read, and I entered the author’s name: Liane Moriarty. The library website search said, did you mean ‘lane ordinary’?

Just for a moment, I thought, I don’t know. Maybe?


Anonymous said...

It's not unheard of for me to walk into a room and forget what I went in there for - in fact, I can even just walk across a room and forget what my intention had been.

Welcome to the world of no short-term memory!


Anonymous said...

I bet you saw my comment and thought, "I'd better respond to that." But then completely forgot by the time you clicked on the appropriate page to do so... :)