Saturday, 20 December 2008

dear singers

If there’s one thing I absolutely. Freaking. Hate in a singer, it’s a mid-Atlantic accent.

I hate “I”s that become “Ah”s, “like”s that become “lahke”s, people who ordinarily enunciate a ‘t’ making it into a ‘d’ – making something “better” into something “bedder”.

If you are not from North America, in the name of sanity, stop doing this when you sing. You do not sound like yourself. You just sound weird. Long live the Sara Storers and Kate Rusbys of the world, for they know how it should be done.

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Anonymous said...

Trying to rhyme words that really don't rhyme is a no-no for me...

Point in example - Chris De Burgh's "Lady in red" (not that anyone should ever have to suffer this song EVER)

Listen mate, if you pronounce "dance" with a long "ahh" like the British Queen, you can't rhyme it with "romance" because who pronounces it "romahnce" who, eh?

(I am sure someone is going to answer me on that...)